Earn free skins

Earn free skins by completing offers

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Earn free skins
You must answer all surveys honestly. You must not automate any of the process involved in completing offers. You must not complete offers through a proxy or a VPN service. You can only complete offers on one Steam account per household. You should not log into your account from a public IP that can be used for fraudulent activity to prevent your account from being linked to that. We are unable to investigate these cases. Any violation to these rules may result in the removal of your account's balance and a permanent IP and/or account ban to completing offers.

For new users rewards above $3.00 will be held for 30 days before paid out. For active users this restriction will be lifted after completing enough offers and earning enough.
For all offers 50% of the reward will be held for 30 days.
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For new users, the rewards for high paying offers will be held for 30 days before being credited to your balance.
If the offer you completed isn't listed in your completed offers list, click the Support button in the frame where you completed the offer.

How to earn skins

What is it?

You can earn free money to your account's balance by completing offers on this page.
You can use the money to withdraw skins on the trade page.

How do I do it?

Simply select the platform whose offers you would like to complete by clicking a button under "Select an offerwall". The frame below the buttons has instructions what to do.
It's best to try out different platforms to see which you like the best. Once you complete an offer, the money will be automatically added to your account's balance.

Earn more

By adding CS.DEALS in your Steam nickname, you will earn 10% more dollars from completing offers. You will also earn extra credits and experience when the bonus is active.
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It looks like your account is compromised

Your trade offer has been declined on your account. If you didn't decline it yourself, it means someone is using your account and you almost got scammed! Please cancel any active trade offers and do not accept any trade offers before you complete the following steps to secure your account:
  1. Click on "Revoke My Steam Web API Key" here
  2. Change your password in Steam account settings
  3. Change your Steam trade-URL here
  4. Do not enter your login credentials on fake Steam-login websites to stay safe!
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